Researchers at Stanford create batteries that don’t explode

Batería no explota

Researchers at Stanford University have created a lithium-ion battery that is capable of shutting down when it is too hot. The best thing of this invention is not that the battery is turn off but is able to avoid the risk of fire as is happening in some occasion. do you Remember the partition that went down because of the battery of a mobile? This technology is intended to terminate with batteries that explode.

batteries are risk of explosion is nothing new and in fact that is one of the reasons why we can not send mobile phones via air transportation (but you can carry in the cabin which is unlikely the case. In mobile begins to be habitual, but you only have to remember how many laptops have been seen as ignited in flames due to the excessive heating of the battery, wiping the device completely.

The new lithium batteries are switched off in case of getting to 70 degrees

Obviously the battery is not turning off when it heats up a bit as it is totally usual that the majority of devices have a warming up a little high in the phases of greater load but this is turned off when it reaches levels dangerous (around 70 degrees), it cools down and turns back on when the temperature of the battery recovers stable levels.

To create this battery the researchers have created a new particles of nickel that have been coated with graphene, one of the outer layers of the carbon atom. These particles have been placed in the interior of a film stretch polyethylene. And this is the film that coats the particles is connected to the electrodes of the battery so that you can circular stream electric for him.

These particles that have been created have to be in physical contact with the film so that the current can flow. When the battery heats up too much the film is elastic and the particles are separated a little, and this is already not flowing electricity. When the battery reaches 70 degrees celsius (160 degrees Fahrenheit) it turns off when you inflate like a balloon. When the battery goes back down to 160 degrees the battery back in to work again. Best of all is that this margin of safety can be modified by adding or removing particles of polyethylene. what Will the explosions of the batteries with this technology?

Source | Stanford University

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