Reasons to pay the 79 euros the Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast 4K

┬┐there is Only onereason to buy Chromecast Ultra? In this article, we will speak to you of the reasons to buy the Chromecast Ultra, which costs about 79 euros. It is quite expensive and it is undeniable that it is very good, and there are many users who do not consider it to buy because it is expensive. By this, we are going to speak about some reasons to pay the 79 euros the Chromecast Ultra.

As you know, the 4th of October, Google introduced their new devices during its event. An event that disappointed by the exorbitant prices of their new products. However, we must recognize that they are very good, and the good thing is that pay it, just that sometimes you do not need much power and yes more Android Pure and essence Nexus. Let us turn, then, to these reasons to buy the new Chromecast.


Reasons to buy the Chromecast Ultra

When we learned that this new Chromecast would cost us $ 69 us were of stone, because we think that would be 69 euros. Then confirmed the 79 euros and almost gives us something. What is clear, is that they have improved the device streaming… do but the improvement is worth 79 euro?

  • Is faster. The streaming is now faster. As easy as connect, give the play and begin to enjoy your movies or series preferred. You will notice the difference.
  • Supports 4K. If you have a TV in 4K, you need to buy this device to live the best experience streaming.

With the new Chromecast Ultra you’ll be able to play content on your TV 4K Ultra HD and HDR or 1080p, but with the higher quality seen before. It promises a lot, that is true, and to try him we cannot confirm that it is a good buy, but yes it is quite expensive.

  • Remains compatible with a TV 1080p. Many users asked this, and of course, there will be no problem. Only that you will live a cinema experience if you have a TV 4K. But, but, you’ll be able to use the Chromecast Ultra without problems and in high quality.

If you don’t have a TV 4K, only need more speed for 79 euros…

I couldn’t tell you if it pays… because if you don’t have a TV 4K the only novelty is that it is faster… that’s not worth $ 79. Actually, a priori, it is only recommended buy for users who have a tv in 4K.

, and we Hope to try it soon and be able to tell you more!

What do you think you are? Are you willing to pay 79 eurillos?

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