Rank up for free in PUBG Mobile apps with these tips

In PUBG Mobile is important to ranking up to be able to go winning new rewards for the season in which we are. The truth, is not easy, and requires a lot of time to power up for range of free.

The good thing is that today we will show you the best tips for this easy, and we can ranking up without having to pay UC (coins pays PUBG).

to Be one of the best in the game

pubg victoria

When we say this, we do not mean that there is to win with 1 murder. What we try to explain, is that it does not matter if you do not win, what matter is that eliminate many enemies.

┬┐why no matter win in this case? If we look at the missions that are there in the Royal Pass, we will realize that the majority are by low. For example, killing 10 enemies in a game, and other similar challenges. We recommend

Try to overcome the challenging missions of the royal pass

pubg misiones desafiantes

to be able To upload quickly the range, we first need to know what to do. So there is that go to the menu of PR, challenging Missions, and seek the goal that we want to overcome.

Here we will see all of those objectives that we must overcome to be able to move up the rank quickly. Without a doubt, this is the best option, it does not matter if we lose, it matters is to complete the challenging missions. Which are and continue to be better than the daily quests.

With 10 missions we can unlock the box PR

pubg mobile caja rp

it is Worth noting, that if complete 10 missions each week, we will be able to receive the box RP. This always gives us as reward points, Royal Pass, and it is worth to get them. Most of the times gives us from 200 to 500 points to increase the Royal Pass.

it is Also good to take advantage of this to start to level up. And for this, we need the best weapons for professionals.

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