Ragnarok: Heroes of Midgard is good but has many faults


Ragnarok: Heroes of Midgard is a very interesting game. It is a kind of card game mixed with an RPG with a large number of characters based on norse mythology and fantasy. In the game you can collect cards, explore, and do battle against other heroes, but the truth is that the game does not do what it promises in a perfect way.

The story of this game is based on Loki, the norse god of the embaucación and your mission will be to try to stop all demonic works that take place in Asgard. The game is similar to other titles such as Brave Frontier, as you’ll be able to collect cards and more things but the battles are a both automatic and a little fun. The letters, as in most games of roll, can be improved as you progress through the game and that is interesting.

Ragnarok Android

Ragnarok could have been a lot more if I had the battles interesting

you can Also buy cards with real money and this will give you a lot of advantage in the game but when you have all the cards, as always, the game loses much of the merit, so the best way is not to pay. The battles in the game are not very encouraged by what that will lead us to lose a little interest in the game itself, last 2 to 10 seconds.

In terms of the exploration is interesting but the truth is that the scenes are short and the exploration will be something that will give you pretty lazy. Your strong point may be able to play against other players in the arena mode but the battles are just as boring. Now, you’ll be able to communicate with other players and make alliances interesting, in addition to learn from them.

it Is a good game but does not engage

In general, the people have been very disappointed with this game because it sought ways, but the way of solving it has not been optimal and more taking into account that it is a Free-to-Play. Obviously we can not complain much for a free game “with in-app purchases” but the truth is that it could have been much better and wake up better the interest of the players.

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