“Quick, Draw!” Google guesses what you draw

The guys from Google did not stop, because already working on a new experiment. Do You Remember Pictionary? Did you played ever? As Quick Draw, is a kind of Google play the department of artificial intelligence has developed and is able to guess what you’re drawing.

Actually, taking into account everything that the IA is able to do (such as to detect a face), this is easier, because it records how is a house, a horse, a dog… and what it does is to identify whether what you write is close to everything that you have stored and, if so, returns the answer. This game is Quick Draw.


Quick Draw of Google, conócelo

But this experiment goes beyond, because it learns the way that draws the user itself, becoming more intelligent and more complete. The goal is that every time to be more accurate hitting. Because you can be wrong, but does not usually do unless we try to trick you on purpose.

But do you know what is more shocking? You can even recognize the person by his way of writing or doing the letters. This gets hit even faster, because when you go studying the paths, initial, will get to guess more quickly than ever before what you are going to draw.

Is very funny.. because you have few seconds to guess what you draw.. and in addition speaks to you super fast and you see written all that is saying.

you’ll be Playing against the super pc of Google

For many it is a little more boring than Pictionary, because rather than guess at another person, he guesses the PC. With the time, we’re getting more machines and it even seems that we like to compete against computers and thus avoid relating to each other. It is clear that it is a challenge for the machine of Google.

Is a didactic learning since then and it is very fun.

But the best .. is that you can try it now:

Begins to dibjar now and have great thanks to Google, you will see that there is no waste whatsoever. You I tried now. I’m going to play now!

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