Qualcomm is preparing a new processor, and this is what we know

needless to say, the smart mobile are becoming more and more powerful, for this is a rule that applies from years ago, and that will continue to be so in the future. The main responsible of this happening are the processors, which are becoming smaller, more powerful and consume less energy.

Qualcomm is the leading manufacturer of microprocessors within the world of Android, and each time it submits a new processor surprised the whole world by the power it offers. Their processors are within the best devices, and though it has rivals like Exynos Samsung, Kirin Huawei, and Mediatek, there is no one who can compete with Qualcomm.

Today we’re going to talk about this company because their next creation could be the to dominate the mobile market of high-end 2019. The new processor from Qualcomm has passed one of the first certifications, which lets us see a little of what you will be able to this new processor.

Snapdragon 8150 is the new processor from Qualcomm

As is the case with smart phones, the processors must pass through a series of tests in which they obtain certification so that everything is in perfect condition at the time of exit to the market. And in this case we have to talk about Bluetooth qualification, which allows us to know his name and some characteristic.

The star of the processors in this 2018 has been without a doubt the Snapdragon 845. The same can be found in most of the terminals high-end. It is logical to think that for the 2019, we would be faced with the 855, but this may not be the case. As we can see in the image, the number of this model is the SM8150, which translates to the Snapdragon 8150.

In a few words, it would be a microprocessor that would be used by large companies for their high-end mobile in 2019. According to what has been able to learn, the SM8150 based on an architecture of 7 nanometers, as in the case of the A12 Bionic that we find in the new iPhone.

For the moment we do not know if Qualcomm plans to make an official presentation to show us the goodness of this processor. What we do know is that the Snapdragon 8150 would come along the next year.

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