Purchase the Nexus 5X for only 239 euros on Ebay

nexus 5x sigue bajando de precio en espaƱa

Good news for the Android fans Android Pure, because we can buy the Nexus 5X for 239 euros on Ebay. This price is awesome, and the lowest that we have seen to date, because for a little more than 200 euros it will be a mid-range Google left in October and with that we will live up to date for at least two years more, in addition, the camera is impressive. This Nexus 5X is the best mobile that you can buy mid-range right now, the price is amazing. Don’t miss:

Nexus 5X for 239 euros on Ebay

The guys from Ebay are pulling the house through the window. And it is clear that the Nexus 5X was not going to sell on the basis of the 479 euros, but now costs half the price of launch about 5 months ago. Users who want to buy it from, I think that you won’t find a better time than this, because it is a gift, yes, it is a gift taking into account Android Pure and full upgrades for 2 more years.

nexus 5x por 239 euros ebayThis offer is amazing. This is what we have:

  • total Price of the Nexus 5X: 239 euros.
  • free Shipping.
  • Is the 16 GB version (you get).
  • expected Delivery between the 21st of April and 6th of may (it takes but it is normal, comes from Hong Kong).
  • Eye, in the ad puts left 8 available (might be more, but this is what it says). If you are interested, hurry up.

you Can see here all the information of Nexus 5X, if you are in doubt.

Is a gift, can you accept it?

you don’t need to know anything more than what you already know, because this Nexus 5X is completely given. Even I that I have the entire collection of Nexus I’m thinking whether to buy it now or keep waiting, because when users sell second-hand assured that the price is still lower. You can take a look also to this other option, though I advise you to try in hand.

What do you think of the offer? Are you going to buy the Nexus 5X for 239 euros on Ebay? do Not hesitate on these days. I think that is the best mobile that you can buy if you like Android Pure.

Purchase | Nexus 5X on Ebay

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