Purchase the Galaxy S7 offer for only 589 euros

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Yes, this is not the first we talked about the Galaxy S7 is the best phone you can buy currently (especially if we want a smartphone that is powerful and balanced in all the aspects that you don’t miss anything unless the FM radio, yes you are missing). If you want a peek you can see our extensive analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S7, we put him on a pedestal but it could not be otherwise.

in Addition to that, if we add to the offer that the Galaxy S7 can be purchased right now for just 589 euros against 719 euros worth officially you may begin to making your purchase because within a year it could cost about 400 euros second hand so that would mean not losing too much money with your purchase.

Galaxy S7 de oferta

Where and how to buy the Galaxy S7 by just 589 euros?

On this occasion, the offer corresponds only to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (normal) black 32 GB and what you’ll find in this sensational offer on Rakuten. In order to get this price the only thing you have to do is the following:

  • to Enter through the purchase link at Rakuten.
  • Log in in the store (if you don’t have an account, believe it).
  • And once this is done use the code ABR10 to process the order.

Yes, with just do this because you will have this price of only 589 euros for it though the offer only lasts until the 15 of April or when you are exhausted all the available units. These offers don’t usually last too, just yesterday we saw how the Galaxy S6 was on sale on Amazon for only 349 euros and the offer was ending in a couple of hours, more than one will regret not to have bought it.

As well I show these offers tend not to last long and you can not think too much, if your limit is 600 euros opt for the Samsung Galaxy S7 new at this price is one of your best options currently although if you don’t want to spend that much you can also buy the Xiaomi Mi5, for only 380 euros and you’ll get one of the most powerful mobile in the market for a lower price of 400 euros.

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