Purchase the Fossil Q Founder with Android Wear since Spain before anyone else

Comprar Fossil Android Wear

Purchase the Fossil Q Founder with Android Wear from Spain is not easy, is it? do you Want to have the Fossil with Android Wear before anyone else? What is certain is that in the market of smartwatch with Android Wear we found interesting options, here you have all the Android Wear that you can find, but the Fossil seems to be one of the best options.

with the exception of the future TAG Heuer watches with Android Wear, the watch from Fossil is the only watch with Android Wear designed by a firm of watches with a significant reputation in the market, is not a Rolex but what is certain is that Fossil designed a few watches of a certain quality, and the Fossil Q Founder, besides having the appearance of watch, it is one of the best Android Wear that we can find in the market and you may want to have it already in Spain. In addition, the Fossil Q Founder has a good price and although it will probably be put on sale in Spain with the time we want you to get with one already in an official manner, without tricks of strangers.

Comprar Fossil Q Founder

How to buy the Android Wear Fossil from Spain before anyone else?

, There is a service that many do not know, called Shipito that allows us to buy in the united States with a physical address there, and then we sent the packages to house. Because in order to buy the Fossil Q Founder we’re going to have to use Shipito. Here he explains how it works and what is Shipito. Best of all is that not only can you buy the Fossil Q Founder from Spain if not that you can buy it from any country in the world with the exception of North Korea, Iran and Sudan.

price of Fossil Q Founder buying through this method is of 277 euros ($295 converted to euros) and a shipment of about 20 euros, costing us the Q Founder the official price, 297 euros. This means that we can buy the Fossil Q Founder now, without having to wait.

To do this, we just have to go to the website of Shipito, create an account with a physical address and then go to the website of Fossil, and buy the Q Founder through this link. It is very easy and we can have the watch before anyone else. Surely if the charging base brings a USB adapter for power not to serve us for we can easily change it to any other USB cable. do you Know how easy it is to buy in the united States from Spain?

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