Prohibited in the UK an ad for a smartphone objectification of women

kazam tornado 348

recently told you the new series of smartphones that Kazam brand had filed for low-end or entry. Although Kazam is not it really a firm well known in our country and in other European we echo a curious story that has taken place in the UK and whose main protagonist Kazam .

As we read on Engadget, the ASA (Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority) has achieved an ad Tornado 348, one of the devices of this mark is prohibited. Apparently announcement went against the integrity of women, showing them as a mere sexual object .

In announcing a woman walking in lingerie shown while ironing a shirt, once finished, he discovers that he had forgotten one of the pockets of this your phone Kazam. ASA criticized the ad closeups bust woman, her buttocks and her lips are taught, while playing music and voiceover quite suggestive. All this seems to have served the ad tache inappropriate and should be removed from the British television .

Kazam defends that the advertisement was not so and only transmitting during periods of very specific time-probably in breaks of football games and things of that sort. This seems to have not convinced the ASA, so if Kazam wants to see his announced on television shall modify substantially , which does not seem likely.

We do not want to get into this thorny debate just below we show the video subject of controversy , and we hope that you all to arrive at conclusions that you believe appropriate.

And you do you think? Head over banned in the UK an ad for a smartphone objectification of women to leave your mark.

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