Pregnancy Pro, a pregnancy Test for Bluetooth

Pregnancy Pro prueba embarazo por Bluetooth

The girls wanting to get an pregnancy test, it’s going to get easier than ever with Pregnancy Pro, that has been presented at CES 2016. We are faced with a pregnancy test nothing conventional, because it works via Bluetooth with an application that will be in charge of attending to the girl at all times. We tell you what it is and how it works this pregnancy test by Bluetooth, Pregnancy Pro.

Pregnancy Pro, a pregnancy test by Bluetooth

At CES we met a peculiar pregnancy test Bluetooth with which the women will be able to tell if they are pregnant. By means of this technology, the test is synchronized with an app for that the girl may have assistance in the cell at all times, and know what to do in one or another situation.

In the following image, we can get an idea of how it will be what we are:

Pregnancy Pro Test de embarazo por Bluetooth

The test lights out of the packaging, but we will have to press the button that integrates to sync with the app and start the process. What we see in the previous photo.

Pregnancy Pro us is going to come very well as application, because even we notify you if it has successfully detected the urine in order to carry out the test, something that many women are reluctant to do the test.

If we have done all the process, in just 3 minutes, we would have the results. But before, the application we would be entertaining in some way with funny videos, music zen and much more. It’s great for many women who have their doubts, and thus you shall deal with them in a more calm fashion.

What happens if the test comes back positive? tell Us a estimated date of birth, in addition to suggested questions to ask… if it is negative, we give you tips to increase the probability of success. It has everything, it is a very complete application for all women who want to carry your pregnancy or simply know if the current situation.

how Much does Pregnancy Pro?

The price will be the 15-23 dollars. We will have to enter a code to tell us the result of the test, so you will need to pass by the box before.

What do you think of this new pregnancy test by Bluetooth, Pregnancy Pro? What’s too peculiar or convinces you?

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