Pokémon GO will allow players to propose new Poképaradas

Niantic was surprised recently by announcing that they were preparing surprises for Pokémon GO, firing rumors about the possible arrival of the fourth generation or fighting against other trainers. The company has reported a new plan you have in mind, and it is that will allow players of Pokémon GO propose new Poképaradas.

As reported in the official blog of the game, the first phase of testing will start soon in Brazil and South Korea. The developers will study the proposals of the coaches and decide if they can accept to include in the Pokémon GO in the future.

at The beginning these propositions are to be limited to the trainers level 40 in both countries, although in the next few weeks this programme will be extended to more countries. To propose new Poképaradas, the users that meet the level requirement will have to send photos, descriptions of the locations chosen and noted on the map in their approximate location. “Experienced users will analyze the proposals in the draft Operation Portal Recon (OPR) Ingress”, confirm from Niantic.

the Rules for deciding if a Poképarada is quality

Niantic has also wanted to establish a few small rules or guidelines for deciding if a Poképarada is quality. To consider them acceptable, a Poképarada must be a site or place that helps the coaches to “discover their community and enjoy it”.

The company will accept sites that have a history remarkable, with educational value or historical places. In addition, you can also propose artistic monuments, examples of architecture and unique hidden gems or local places, little-known and worth to visit.

In the same way, are also sites of a high quality public parks, places of worship, libraries or transport stations. Niantic will not accept proposals that they consider of low quality, as sites without pedestrian access, or places in private residences. On the official website of the game you can get to know all of the details on these locations.

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