Pokémon Go is a total mess, problems for all parties

Pokemon Go Android

When Pokémon Go was announced we all knew the game was going to be more interesting than many believed, but now that Niantic has made it a reality, things have changed, Pokémon Go is hitting even stronger than we thought although it is also true that since it has officially launched the problems have not stopped.

Yes, Pokémon Go is the game that everyone wants but its initial release means problems, yes, it is a complex game that in the end many of the issues that is going to give. In this game we can go out into the real world to capture Pokémon, evolve and then fight with them in local gyms. Yes, despite the fact that for many people it will be a game vital because you already know the history all those who have never played also it is going to vitiate and whether Android or iOS, Pokémon Go is available for both platforms.

Pokemon Go Android

Pokémon Go is a disaster at its launch

The launch of Pokémon Go is still a complete mess, yes, I don’t remember a launch so chaotic like this, and what is true is that it is not that you have releases that arouse so much interest. You only need to remember the boom of the Clash Royale that has not been, nor far away, as expected as the Pokémon Go.

A day after the release of the Pokémon game Go already is the most downloaded from the Apple App Store and if the people are not familiar with these problems is going to say that this game is a waste, that serves no purpose when this is not true.

people don’t get to play Pokémon Go

If you’ve tried to play Pokémon Go, you’ll have seen that there are thousands of problems in the game, some are solvable and others not but all phones will be compatible with Pokémon Go, there are mobile or have a gyroscope, and these are going to stop playing the game but we are going to bring a lot of headaches when trying to see the Pokémon in the camera, if the mobile does not know very well where it is difficult to know how to locate a Pokemon in their natural habitat.

The most downloaded game in the App Store in a single day

One of the great problems of their launch they are being the servers, yes, the servers are overloaded and the problem is obvious. The game has only been officially launched in some countries, but there are many users who have taken advantage of the hitch to download the APK and install the game in countries where it has not been released. Well, yes, when people from dozens of countries download a game you should not play the servers are overloaded and problems appear in spurts.

pokemon go caidoThe APK is not the end, just look at the version number to realize that it is a game in beta, yes, the APK is not in its final version, and there are all kinds of problems like freezing screen, unexpected shutdown and some other things. Once you are able to skip these problems for run the application the classic is back “our servers are experiencing issues”.

Thousands of errors in the Pokémon Go

we Just have to take a look at the articles that we have written trying to to solve some of the problems and we will see hundreds of comments that describe tens of different problems, each user has a different problem and that is a chaos.

Yes, we will try to clarify each and every one of the problems, and you may not get to respond to all the comments (quickly) because we prefer to devote more time to develop solutions to for all of you to respond one-to-one reviews with 20 responses equal, we expect that we will understand but it is difficult to answer 30 questions in a row and copy the same answer has no sense, it is best to develop an article with the solution and everyone wins.

When the people had not found out that the game was available it seems that the operation of the Pokémon Go was right but once you have done this problems have started to come in small steps until the servers have collapsed.

tienda pokemon goIn iOS Pokémon Go works better than on Android, and it is certain that both Niantic as Nintendo does not have it ready for the game to throw it at the global level and that is something that should be so even if Niantic has the experience to launch a game as powerful as this, nor Nintendo has enough experience in mobile games as to launch a title that works well from the first day.

Time, is what you need to be the perfect game

For that Pokémon Go can be the title that users expect, you need something more than time and what is certain is that as time goes on, users will slowly see how the game works every time better and you can begin to enjoy the title on their mobile phones or tablets with GPS, MIUI didn’t work for us but may be a problem with the GPS.

Pokémon Go is a game that nor does it have a button to exit, press the Home button to be able to do so. The errors will be fixed but this goes for long, we hope to help the vast majority of them but we are not able to make sure how many do not have a solution. We want to play for hours to Pokémon Go, and for that, we need it to work correctly.

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