Pokémon GO, and Fighting Trainers: the complete guide

have been made to wait, but in the end are here. From today, players of Pokémon GO from all over the world can enjoy one of the most anticipated features since the launch of the game in the summer of 2016: the fighting between coaches. From a few months ago, we knew that this feature was close to coming, and during these last few weeks, the company that developed the game had not stopped to warm up to the environment through teasers and ads related to these fights. Now they are already here, and already know everything about them.

But really there is much to discover about the matches of trainers from Pokemon GO. For that reason, as we already did with the incursions and the eggs, the time has come thoroughly study each of the details related to this expected news, to which all –or almost all– of the trainers of Pokémon GO can be accessed from today.

What they are and how they work, the battles between trainers Pokémon GO

The own developers of the game ensure that you create the feature bouts of coaches has not been an easy task. From the beginning, knew that this was an option that could not be missing in any Pokémon game, and even less in the title for mobile phones most successful of recent years. For this reason, have worked for a long time in conceiving of this function, pursuing at all times the objective of maintaining the greatest possible balance, so this mode of game to be simple enough for those players who are not too familiar with the mechanics of the games in the series Pokémon, but still hooked onto those passionate by the universe of Pokémon.

We achieve this balance by implementing leagues of fighting Trainer and creating more opportunities for Coaches to develop strategies to combat.

In one of the first announcements of Niantic and The Pokémon Company with this new feature, as protagonist, is explained with more detail the operation of the fighting. To begin with, a coach must challenge another whenever you want, through a code of combat. In case you accept the challenge, each one of the players he’s competing with his own team of Pokémon, and both participants will get rewards.

of course, the battles are conducted in real time, and the company points out that will be rapid, so that can be carried out at any time and in any place.

To win a battle, you will defeat all of the Pokémon of the opponent or cause more damage before the time runs out. The Pokémon will return to their owners without damage.

In regards to the battles themselves, the Pokémon that make up each team will be able to perform their moves of quick attack, or the attacks uploaded. In that sense, before accepting the challenge it will be possible to use Powders of Stars or Candy to unlock bonus charge attack. Just like in the raids, there is also the possibility of using a protective shield so that it is possible to avoid the critical blows of the opponent. These shields, however, will be limited.

Who can participate in the fighting?

In the beginning, not announced minimum requirements that the trainers Pokémon to GO should meet in order to participate in the fighting. After his arrival, however, we knew that only those players with level 10 or more may participate. However, during these first few weeks with the feature operational, given that it wishes to carry out a progressive deployment to ensure that everything works well, will only be able to fight those players with a level 20 or higher.

How to start or join a battle in Pokémon GO

If you exceed the level necessary to be able to participate in a battle of coaches, congratulations, you can now enjoy this highly anticipated feature. Now, logically, comes the time to join or create a new combat.

Before you start a battle, you must take into account what type of opponent we will face. In the event that the opponent is a “ultraamistad” or “friendship”, or even be necessary to be close to, and it will suffice to know their code of combat. Otherwise, it is only possible to fight with those trainers nearby. These are the steps to follow in order to compete with one of our friends:

  • Opens Pokémon GO in and go to the map View. Go to the Profile of a Trainer.
  • Tap the Friends tab from the top of the screen to open the list of friends.
  • Choose the friend you want to challenge.
  • Tap on the icon of Combat.
  • Tap in COMBAT to send a challenge to the chosen friend.

If, on the contrary, what we want is challenge to a coach close to our position, but that is not in the list of friends, these are the steps to follow:

  • Opens Pokémon GO in and go to the map View. Enters the screen Near.
  • Touch the tab Fighting.
  • Will be the code of combat at the side of each avatar of a trainer.
  • When another trainer scan our code of combat, we will be challenged and you will be able to compete with him.

I do Not want to receive combat challenges, how do you turn off this option?

If you just want to play Pokémon and GO to capture new creatures, and you care little about the battles of trainers, you can disable the option so that it does not re-receive challenges by other coaches. In that case, just go to the settings of the game, and turn off the option “combat Challenges of friends”.

What are the rewards for winning a battle of the coaches?

like the rest of the game modes and features of Pokémon GO, the battles of trainers are also designed to encourage social interaction, and not the competitiveness between the players. For that reason, both participants of a battle will receive prizes, which can appear Objects of evolution are difficult to find.

To promote social interaction, and not the competitiveness, the two participants of a battle will receive rewards in equal parts.

however, only the winner will go up from level with three medals different: Veteran League Super Ball, a Veteran League Ultra Ball or a Veteran Master League Ball. To maintain the balance, it will be possible to carry out all the fighting they want, to the day, but you only receive rewards for the first three.

League of combat in Pokémon GO: all the information

Before you said that the goal of the creators of the game with this feature was to keep the balance so that all players of Pokémon could take advantage of this game mode in the same way. To do this, thinking of those coaches more advanced, you enter the League of Combat.

In each combat, there will be three different leagues to choose from, and that determine the PC’s maximum of the group of Pokémon chosen to fight. Leagues have been created to ensure that the Pokemon will always match against a battle group, with a level of force similar depending on your PC. These are the leagues that exist, and its most important features:

  • Liga Super Ball: each Pokémon on the team may not exceed 1,500 PC.
  • League Ultra Ball: each Pokémon on the team may not exceed the 2,500 PC. This league will be unlocked when the coach has at least three Pokémon whose PC are above 1,500.
  • Master League Ball: there is no maximum limit of PC for Pokémon. This league will be unlocked when the coach has at least three Pokémon whose PC’s are above 2500.

This is, for the moment, everything that any coach of Pokémon GO you should know before you venture into this new world of battles. It is hoped that this feature continues to evolve with the passage of months, to introduce new features and options that continue to completing the experience of the players. We will update this article regularly with every new, so that you can always be the last to fight with other rivals in the game for mobiles most famous. Now, let’s fight!

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