Play GTA V on Android with this APK

If you are a lover of the classic video game, we have good news for you. And is that you can already play GTA V on Android. Although with some limitations, we can already enjoy this famous game with just download a APK. In this post we will tell you everything.

you can Already have GTA V on your mobile

As we already mentioned, this is not a release of a mobile version of official video game. It is simply an APK that recreates some areas of the game map on which you will be able to play and interact, in a limited way. In the, simply you can access some of the streets of GTA V.

His name is GTA V Mobile and you only have to download it to your terminal and install it to be able to use it. During this process, you will see a message that will indicate the risks of installing an app unknown. But do not worry, as this download is safe. This, because the game does not require any permission for work.

once you install it you’ll be able to start the game from your box apps. When you open it, you’ll find a quick loading screen and immediately you’ll be taken to the main menu. There, you will have different options such as: start the game, choose the quality of the graphics, or exit the game.

How to play GTA V Mobile?

once you enter this title you’ll be able to choose different areas of the map in which to play. This is, without a doubt, you will entertain a lot and will allow you to have a unique experience. But if you want more adrenaline, here you can find the 5 best games-fighting for Android.

The game allows you to walk, run, jump, and even run and jump at the same time. You can also move camera, although this may be a little uncomfortable. Because to do so you’ll need to use two fingers on the screen. you Have available some of the streets in which you will be able to move, but can’t access any building. You will find one that another NPC walking in the streets, but you will not be able to interact with none.

In the case of which fall, from the start menu you can restart the game and return to the starting point. Ah, you will have access to the mobile game, but bad news: you will not be able to do anything with him. However GTA V Mobile will give you the idea closest to how you would play the famous game on your Android.

you Can download GTA V Mobile apps by going to this link.

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