Play Don’t Starve on Android, the game of survival that has succeeded in PC and PS4

dont-starve-pocket-edition-androidsome months Ago I came to the iOS platform its counterpart, but now comes finally the edition of Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition to the Play Store. This is the pocket edition of the chapter of the original franchise, introduced in the mid of the year 2013 in the GreenLight from Steam for PC and managed to get a good number of sales.

But the thing did not stay there, because just a few months later came his version for the PlayStation, getting to be a great success it has garnered very good reviews among users and media experts. And although until now he had been able to enjoy many, many, many users on their computers and consoles, your version for smartphones Android was doing to pray.

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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, survive… if you can

For all those who are not yet very familiar with, it should be noted that Don’t Starve is a adventure in which the main objective is to survive all the time we can to find Maxwell, the head of all, and give him his well-deserved. Our main character, Wilson – like in the movie “Castaway” -, is a scientist who is transported to a world wild and unknown where you will have to search for food and resources to survive another day.

To achieve to keep up with life, we must make use of every one of the resources that offers us the environment, our construction equipment, tools and some weapons. Each one of these things we will be more than necessary to try to move forward and survive the maximum time possible without fallezcamos and everything we have done will not serve for nothing.

And that is Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition works through different worlds that will be erased completely if we die in one of them, so that we will be forced to start again if that happens. And that is the real charm of Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition lies in its difficulty and achieve to learn that we should take a chance to fight and in which we should retire.

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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition provides users with controls optimized for touch screens, but the game experience is very similar to the one you have on the PC. As for the price, we have to say that for a game like this is not at all bad be able to download it for only 4,49€, getting rid of the annoying in-app purchase and advertising, as has been pointed out the guys from

What you think Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition? Have you previously played in another of his versions?

Google Play | Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition (4,49€)

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