Pictures of “M”, the virtual assistant for Facebook, in action

Facebook M, asistente virtual

In case you have not heard, until this moment, Facebook, one of the technology companies with more pull of the moment, has joined the fashion of creating a personal assistant. Very recently announced M (short for Moneypenny, famous fictional character of the James Bond novels), assistant that will provide a functionality similar to that provided by similar systems such as Google Now, Siri or Cortana. However, to differentiate themselves from the others, this new assistant will add a human touch to your answers and your communication with the user.

At this point being subjected to testing within the Messenger app of Facebook, and it seems that some users of this service have had the pleasure of testarlo in its beta version. Have come to light a myriad of screen shots that show the wizard M in full action, which gives us a basic understanding of some of the features that you have. It seems that M will be able to respond to our responses with a high percentage of success.

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from what we can see, M, is capable of providing enough useful information and relevant to the user when it provides you the enough data. In one of the examples that we teach, the personal assistant is even able to book a plane ticket to your user in a Messenger conversation and normal current. It also provides help to pay for tickets directly from the application, to the time you create an event in the calendar for the day of the flights.

The wizard with artificial intelligence of Facebook you can also research about points of interest close to your area, such as restaurants,entertainment venues, movie theaters, etc… and may even show you screen shots of pages of Yelp. Yes, we’ve noticed that M can’t call an Uber or a taxi, or at least for the moment. Apparently, the personal assistant works without direct supervision of human, although have been trained by them.

The Facebook logo is pictured at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park

in spite of everything, it seems that for the moment , M still has no feature that allows you to process and understand natural human language, and is unlikely to get this functionality. Although really it looks very interesting, I don’t understand the use you can give to an assistant that it is necessary to introduce the orders by means of the keyboard, when you might be able to perform those actions relatively straightforward. Despite all of this, we would love to try M in depth and tell you the results.

Another factor is that, personally, it is worrying is the amount of information that applications or assistants of this type can end up storing about us. It can be a bit paranoid, but I would not like the data from my searches or my internet purchases to be transferred to third parties so that they know exactly what I like or dislike.

Still has not been any declaration on the part of Facebook that indicates an official date for the launch of M, but with a bit of luck we won’t have to wait too long. Stay alert if you have the Messenger app of Facebook, because you can be one of the lucky ones that received the beta.

do You find useful to this new personal assistant? Do you animaríais to try it?

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