Philips Projectors Screeneo for our living

Have you heard about the new Philips projectors Screeneo for our living , from our technology blog like the show. If you are someone that you like movies, games of your favorite team or game like never before, is the best option one Projector so you can enjoy screen between 50 and 100 inches (more …) .

Los proyectores Philips Screeneo para nuestro salón

On the market is becoming more powerful and better features models who just have to sit and enjoy in the comfort of any room in our home.

With projectors Screeneo Philips You can enjoy entertainment in a new way, placing the device just a few inches from the wall , and you can easily moving home or simply install a cinema outdoors on the terrace or garden. They contain an great sound and Wi-Fi , so you can stream media from any device without wires and complications.

New projectors Philips Screeneo

In order to know how these Screeneo new projectors Philips not miss a detail of future lines:

– Philips Screeneo 1690TV

Nuevos Proyectores Philips Screeneo

is a Projector that is connected to a ultra low wall away, projecting some media, television or the internet with an image size of up to 100 “ (254 cm) and offers a sound .

Thanks to its ultra short, combined with the latest LED technology users Screeneo distance can choose image size (50 ” – 100 ”) by changing the distance between the wall and the projector ( 10-44 cm). Installation is very simple, and a screen is not necessary to use Screeneo . Thanks to technology and Ultra Short mobile design (have a handle on the back) can projector placed wherever the user wants.

The system projection ultra short distance combined with the latest technology LED, HD and 3D offers spectacular image quality with natural colors. The use of LED technology for the first time in a projector of this kind, freeing users from changing light bulbs.

Proyectores Philips Screeneo

has an engine ProGleam and Natura Color for more light and images with more brilliant colors. With effect inferior temporal delay 17 milliseconds , Screeneo thus becomes the perfect companion for video game fans who want to live a real experience. Screeneo include speakers and a subwoofer creating an environment real cinema (Dolby Digital 2.1, 26 watts). It can be used without installing additional HD system and can be considered as stereo thanks MP4, Bluetooth, WiFi and directly from a smartphone, tablet or phone memory (4GB).

Thanks to its connection WiFi, DLNA, USB, HDMI and connections SD can be connected to any type of device: DVD, Blu-ray, Set repetition, game consoles, media servers, USB keys … Moreover OS Android 4.2 includes Mira Cast , which allows you to project the contents of a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

remote control is also available Air Mouse with the QWERTY keyboard to simplify commissioning and the process of searching through menus or on the Internet.

– Philips PPX 3414

 Philips PPX 3414

This new projector Philips with LED technology is [1999003 ultracompact] and autonomous (integrated battery), thanks to Smart Engine . You can connect to any device: smartphone, camera, tablet or game console, and project your digital HD content (pictures, videos, professional presentations, etc.) with a diagonal size of up to 3 meters, anytime anywhere anytime.

Provides brightness up to 140 lumens , an integrated battery soundbar A internal memory of 4 GB , various connectivity options ( HDMI, USB, SD card etc.) Wi-Fi and even DLNA , among other benefits. But also provides each user with a variety of opportunities for the distribution of pictures, videos, games and other media files.

Availability and prices

Both models come with a price € 1,590 model Philips Screeneo 1690TV and € 349 if we select compact PPX 3414.

For further information, we suggest you read our article “ Philips Screeneo, Home Cinema version XXL

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