Pen Run, a game for people with short attention span

If you are a person that has problems to keep you focused on some activity, or you are very scattered and distracted, this game is perfect for you. It is Pen Run, a racing game created especially for people with attention deficit.

Pen Run is very addictive

The signature Ketchapp Games, acquired by Ubisoft in September of 2016 is characterized by develop simple games but very addictive and of great difficulty such as Stack and Knife Hit. Pen Run does not escape from this dynamic.

a race game where you control a marker red and you must go all your way through obstacles, knocking other markers and collecting coins to earn more points. You need to be very fast and avoid to crash, otherwise you’ll run out of ink, and thou shalt not reach the goal.

Gameplay of Pep Run

it Is quite simple to handle, you just need to slide your finger from one side to the other on the screen of your mobile and the marking will mimic your movements. According to the intensity with which swipe, flick will make your marker go with a higher or lower speed.

the speed of The game will not allow you to distract you

Each race is different to the previous one, and the speed with which the game is ideal for people who have trouble concentrating on one activity. Because, it is impossible to neglect a single second without end up crashing or falling down a gap.

The worlds races are fairly short and having to start again is no problem. For that reason, when we collide with an obstacle or we fall it doesn’t feel like the end of the world.

The only detail that we may find Pen Run is the excessive amount of ads it has. In addition, there is a way to remove this advertising, at least in Android as in iOS if an option is available to pay 3 euros and do away with all ads.

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