Pay Android will not work on rooted devices, according to a Google engineer

Android Pay

Although it is not new as such since long ago began to use payments through our terminals thanks to the NFC chip and the advantages of transferring data wirelessly, Google has sought to lay the foundations and make it a standard for users of Android , with which if your terminal supports can easily pay at millions of locations quickly without credit cards or cash.

But all is not as nice as it sounds, since the word root is very present in many of us, and the problem we find is that, due to the number of permissions and access that allows terminal rooted Google is concerned about security when mixed with payment issues , as is the case with Android Pay.

Root, incompatible with Android Pay term

We had made illusions that Google would not put any restriction except as logical as NFC and have a recent version of Android, but is not the case .

As is currently the case with the same services but banks in our country, for security and above who have permits users root not admit this Android Pay type of terminal and its use is restricted entirely .

The clear reason is the Android operating Pay, working with a payment system that is transferred to the bank, which verifies payment information later to approve and send to the seller almost instantly. The problem is here, because Google should prevent the access root can manipulate any information or data transferred and therefore no choice but to block the application.


The author of these words, an engineer of software at Google, says they have in mind the large number of users who have such permits. However, although Android is free and want to maintain this policy, a number of applications that do not come into it, and the example is Android Pay, because otherwise would breach the goal of Safety NET API that responsible for keeping our data safe .

is very likely that the situation remain so permanently, it is difficult to find a solution in these cases to appease users . We can do little then, we settle or wait partial solutions from the community, as often happens in these cases.

And you do you think? You stop by Android Pay not work on rooted devices, according to a Google engineer to make your mark.

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