Parents now punish their children without Facebook

Los padres de ahora castigan a sus hijos sin Facebook

Incredible, parents now punish their children without Facebook… it Is clear that the teenagers of today prefer to stay at home to go out, because you can continue playing Candy Crush and browsing Facebook. In the united States, they are a 65 % for parents of teens that are accustomed to punish them in this way, without going into Facebook, and of course, taking away the mobile. We tell you more about these surveys, which in recent years have changed the “punished without leaving” the “punished without mobile/facebook”.

Remove the Facebook, the punishment of the parents of today

The institute Pew Research Center has published a curious study, which has made us grace in the sense that it is something that we did not expect, but of americans we can always expect the best. It is clear that the children there to punish them with what hurts most, and that seems to be Facebook.

Facebook te alertará si publicas fotos de tus hijos

The numbers of surveys have been carried out between 1.060 parents, with children between 13 and 17 years of age. The surveys reveal the following data:

  • 59 % of parents have asked about the calls that their children are doing and the popular applications like Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • 60 % of parents have accessed their social networking profiles (Facebook).
  • 61 % of parents have accessed the web sites that their children visit.
  • 65 % of the parents have punished their children without the use of Facebook and the Internet, in addition to the mobile.
  • 82% of parents whose children have mobile, we find that 69 % have a Facebook, and 29 % have Twitter, remember, between the ages of 13 and 17 years.

Facebook is very popular

This study was conducted in 2 phases: between September and October 2014 and February and march of 2015. A study that reveals that indeed, Facebook is very popular also for teenagers, more than Twitter, and to punish children without using it could really be a good punishment because it is the thing that most hurt them.

What do you think of this survey? Do you have been the creeps? Take advantage of the comments to tell us if it is good for parents to punish without the Internet, and that teens prefer not to go out to stay at home with the mobile.

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