Panasonic’s Day Gift Ideas Mother

at Mother approaches, as you know, is held every year on the first Sunday in May . That date gives us the opportunity to show our mothers how much we love and thank him for everything he does from day to day by his family. If you do not yet know what to give your mother, I’m sure you will be very useful following which we bring from Tecnocosas and Panasonic .


– Smart Viera LED ET60


With this spectacular TV each family member can have its own display. This is “My Profile Viera” function, which gives the possibility that, in a TV, you can design homescreen on your Smart Viera as your own profile VIERA to access simple, intuitive and fast to contents Your choice form. This is how this TV surprised by the possibility of immediate access to a customizable screen that displays your favorite applications, the preferred web content, the weather, the personal agenda or laptop, among many other benefits.

Available in silver, the new feature also Swipe and Share 2.0 new version of this program may Panasonic to move photos, music files, videos or web pages from a tablet or smartphone TV and vice versa.

Elegant lines, high quality 2D and 3D picture and sound clarity are other features ET60. The ET60 is with two passive glasses included to start enjoying this experience from the beginning, and is available in 42, 47, 50 and 55 inches. Price: € 849


– Lumix XS1


The Lumix XS1 is the smallest compact camera from Panasonic. With an ultra-thin design so only 17.6 mm thick and weight of 88 g., is XS1 blends perfectly into the pocket without taking hardly fit to carry it at all times.

Despite its thin, the XS1 features 16.1 megapixel A 5x optical zoom (Smart zoom up to 8x) and a 24mm lens Ultra Wide Angle to display all the details. Beyond photography mode, the new Panasonic camera also records HD video 1280 x 720 at 30 fps, and has a total 13 creative filters to allow the user to explore their creativity. In addition, there are opportunities for everyone, since the camera is available in black, red, violet and white. Price: € 129


– V110 Camcorder


From near or far, camcorder V110 movie Full-HD high quality and have an powerful 72X zoom to take pictures without any blur. The sharpness is also given by the Stabilizer that corrects hand-shake, even on recordings with long zoom. Moreover, for the first time on a home video camera, incorporates Panasonic BSI sensor (Back-illuminated sensor) that makes an exceptional shooting in low light Full HD quality. And all in a very compact body and weighs about 180g . Price: € 229


– System Audio HC38


Stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet to your audio system by pressing a button. And it is that with the new system for Panasonic HC38 micro stereo, equipped with Bluetooth technology, and at App “Panasonic Music Streaming” is available from the Apple Store or Google Play, Users have the ability to manage and play music without requiring a physical connection to the device.

The HC38 also USB connection for iPod / iPhone / iPad and dock that works with iPhone5 / iPod Touch (fifth generation). In addition to connectivity, renders HC38 superb sound. Available in black and silver, the system can be mounted on the wall. Price: € 199.99


– HXD Series Headphones


With a chic urban style headphones HXD3 Panasonic will not go unnoticed thanks to its silicone coating. They HXD3 headphones combine metallic casing available in five colors (red, white, black, purple and brown), and a frame of matt surface, which makes them a headset design and style. Her soft, light and comfortable structure, also isolates outside noise. In addition to its sleek design, these headphones provide high quality sound. Price: € 29.99


– Depiladora WD94


With Wet & Dry Technology Panasonic, you can now use the device in wet with foam, even in the shower, to achieve a wet shave. This system reduces discomfort and prevents skin irritation after shaving, when moisture protects the skin. Epilator WD94 incorporates this new technology and allows continuous operation 40 minutes wireless thanks to its lithium battery. It also has an LED light that illuminates the hair, allowing more easily detect five different heads between which is a new accessory for the care of your feet so that the appliance is also a kit pedicure. Price: € 99


– Digital cordless phones


model KX-TG8551 Panasonic allows up to 5 handsets per base, allowing interconnection between some of the phones you have in your home and even to pass calls between them. Besides, this phone to protect the environment thanks to the key ECO mode, which reduces signal output up to 90% and power consumption is reduced by about 3.5%. This phone is available in black and white piano, has a slim and elegant design and an illuminated keyboard and a 1.8-inch LCD screen for easy to read color (65,000 colors). In addition it detects agenda up to 350 names and shows the 50 most recent calls. Price: € 59


– Iron W920


iron W920 account with a sole double-ended, patented by Panasonic, which allows boards in all directions, and even ideal for vertical ironing because it is able to launch eg steam and remove wrinkles on curtains. This sole 360 ​​ soft appearance, also has a, it rounded not flat, which facilitates ironing and reduces operating time. In turn, a temperature sensor detects when the soleplate cools down and starts to heat up again immediately.

material alumite model W920 (anodized aluminum, which is also used in engines and other parts) used in Panasonic plates to achieve a durability test torn. Moreover, the shape of the sole plates of W series with a Panasonic length of 28 centimeters , the most extensive in the whole market. It also highlights its cable 360 ​​that favors the sliding maintenance system “ 3-way Calc-Clean System” so that combat lime through three different ways and system PowerShot or steam, developed by Panasonic, which allows you to remove fouling placed in the holes where the steam comes out. Price: € 79.99


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