Paid games on Android, is synonymous with quality?


recently Google put up an idea with fairly good reception is to put paid games for free temporarily, something that we were asking a long time ago. This allows us to enjoy titles at random that, not to pay your price, we could not play, perdiéndonos as well a potential gem. And knowing the curious fact that Google Play exceeded the Apple Store in downloads, but falls short on benefits… is it worth to pay for play?

There are few free games that they have a quality worthy of being paid, and vice versa. But they are not few those who think in the idea that if a game costs a price, is because it has more work behind it, therefore, more quality. And on the paper, it makes sense, the truth. But this is really so?

Pay… why quality?

top-jueTop juegos en Android

Well, this question is somewhat ambiguous, because cases are contrary exist in pairs in Google Play. let’s Put two examples that I have tested first hand of games that break a little with this belief. HOOK is a game of low-cost, is something short, has 50 levels that stands out for its paragraph “visual.” Then, on the other hand, is Mars: Mars, a game that also can be considered not to have a lot of juice, but in the aspect of quality, the two stand out, being Mars: Mars upper with respect to the duration and the concept. The game has, aside from more levels, more replay value that Hook, taking the latter 50 screens just.

Then, of course, we have true aberrations in the two fields. Games that are free abnormally crappy and games that, with a price of several euros, are bland and without a lot of work, whose names are not shall reveal by not do blood. Games that do not deserve the payment, even though they are all reduced. And the truth of those abound.

what Then?

The Room

I Think that in this topic, we can say a resounding no, but with a tint. the time to calibrate a game, more than the payment, you need to decide if it really has a quality and a job behind for the developer to see benefit. A clear example is the saga The Room, whose success is such that it is one of the sagas most prestigious and highly valued of all the store of Android. a Few games, which although slightly more expensive than its competitors, the price worth of truth.

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