Orange launches the hummingbird rate, oriented to the use of social networks

Imagen de Orange y su tarifa colibri

The particular zoo that has mounted Orange in their rates are in luck. Starting on March 30 a new animal, and consequently a fee, joins the catalog of the French operator having as target younger.

Increasingly, different social networks grow in mass of users, arriving at such astronomical figures as 1400 million accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp 700 million to 300 million in Instagram. Analyzing the use that give users mobile phones, it is easy to see how young audiences spend most of their data to navigate through the various social networks leaving in the background other tasks such as sending emails or surf the net.

With the advent of the hummingbird rate Orange seeks to position itself in this market segment offering for 11.95 euros per month, 1 GB 4G speed navigation and calls at 0 cents. / Minute . But the interesting thing is that, since many OMV and offer more competitive rates. With this rate we will have ability to browse, upload media content, play and perform any other tasks both Twitter and Facebook but are not we make use of contracted data. On the other hand, note that reproduction videos, browsing and external calls over IP Facebook-messenger sites not included in navigation without consumption data and are deducted from giga available free shipping.

In any case no longer be a new bet that seeks to maximize the deployment of 4G among the population providing a rate that may be of interest mainly among young audiences.

What do you think the new rate of Orange? Can it compete with offerings lately launched by virtual operators?

And you do you think? Head over Orange launches the hummingbird rate, oriented to the use of social networks to make your mark.

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