ONO will, from next month, the first OMV with Vodafone 4G coverage

IntegraciĆ³n 4G de Vodafone en ONO

ONO integration within the structure of Vodafone makes its way after the British operator became the Spanish few months ago. The main business had grown to ONO was primarily fiber optics, offering until recently the best and widest range in this market segment.

But like many other operators, at the time they saw mobile phone would also be a very big cake handing among few companies and also joined as a virtual mobile operator. We do not have exact numbers of users who have been using their network since then, but what is clear is that was not the most important in the country OMV away from others as Pepephone, Jazztel …

Precisely the OMV are the protagonists of the outstanding claims in recent months, since they require large Spanish companies are allow the use of their newly introduced 4G networks the same way and make use of 3G. But as we have seen, this has become an issue in which the major operators are reluctant to relinquish because they know that today is with the only thing that can compete against the much cheaper competitive rates.

Dispositivos Android compatibles con 4G

This is why today Jazztel (Orange) and Pepephone (Movistar) are the only OMV having the luxury of using these 4G networks, a select group to which we can add to ONO thanks to its acquisition by Vodafone. Thus, British operator would already be migrating all users to its own network ONO well to offer the benefits of high speed 4G. To do this, users simply have to apply change through customer order to receive a new SIM card (necessary to complete the process correctly).

Movistar wants to win back customers after years of significant reductions and this has presented a new offer 300Mbps fiber. Now it’s time for Vodafone to cope and it seems that the union ONO is the perfect excuse to present convergent offer to par. Leveraging the best of Vodafone (better 4G Spanish network, large customer base, plenty of investment) and best of ONO (deployment of fiber, offering television), the British company intends to offer a convergent package that includes television through TiVo, optical fiber and 4G network.

What do you think this move by Vodafone? Will he succeed in attracting new customers a good convergent offer for ONO and Vodafone?

And you do you think? Head over ONO will, from next month, the first OMV with 4G coverage Vodafone to leave your mark.

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