Only 3% of users have purchased Super Mario Run

Many people thought that Super Mario Run was going to be a success in the App Store and in fact this game has been made with some 90 million downloads in only a few days in the App Store. Now, despite the fact that the downloads are many only a small number of users are buying the full game.

most users drop the game to try it out, enjoy the first 3 levels, and let it be. Some analysts say that the game has generated approximately 30 million dollars in revenue, but the game costs $ 9.99 and that means that only 3% of users have bought the game. Yes, 3 million gamers have bought Super Mario Run but downloads have been many more. Obviously it was expected that not all of the people were buying the full game but 3% of users figure is very small.


how Super Mario Run is a smoke?

Nintendo has said that Super Mario Run would come out for Apple before Android because in Android there is a lot of piracy, but getting to a 3% on Android would not be so complicated, the users of Apple iPad and also is that you have set the bar very high.

Yes, that is the conclusion they have drawn in Apple Insider, only 3% of users have bought the game and what is certain is that these users are already disappointed to hear that Shigeru Miyamoto say that there would be no new content for this title.

Imagine that you spend almost 10 euros to buy a mobile game and the creator says to you, days after you buy it, your game will not receive new content, that is completed in less than 10 hours and that will stay in your account forever.

what are you serving? The reality is that Super Mario Run has disappointed us a lot and even though it already appears in the Play Store it is still early to know if Android is going to succeed, with the time that is taking people are already forgetting the game. have You seen our analysis of Super Mario Run?

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