OnBike truth detector revolutionizes motorcycle

Have you ever use bike to make your daily road? If so, you must take into account the new Detector OnBike , a system that you can find your two wheels followed geographic and recover if stolen.

Detector Onbike revoluciona tus viajes en moto

The Technology leaps and bounds and the area of ​​the engine is no exception. Increasingly, firms that choose models with modern and revolutionary devices that will make our more comfortable, smooth and efficient movement.

As you pareciesen taken of the future equipment for motorcycles we can find on the market range from a helmet with LED lights, GPS, intercom Blue Tooth, incorporation of hydrogen engines to make them more sustainable environmental , motorcycles powered by solar energy, or compacts.

Your safest bike with OnBike Detector

One latest that we want to echo in our blog of Technology, is the aforementioned Detector OnBike , a unique system that allows you to find your bike any time through your smartphone while you can recover it in case of theft .

Tu moto más segura con el Detector Onbike

This new service, which was developed in collaboration with state security forces will allow you to glimpse the mobile site where you will find your motorcycle at the time. Likewise, if you have suffered some unforeseen accident, the new Detector OnBike inform Central, the team will call you soon. In case you do not get any response from you, they will send you a health and / or mechanical emergency, all thanks to his E-call service.

The security is one of the benefits it can give you this little device dimensions, if the installation is very simple. But if you contact by phone, mobile workshop will move to a point where you have to perform necessary installation.

At the same time, through its Towing system that will trigger an alarm security protocol detector in the event that the bike experience any movement without the ignition off.

valued at € 149 and a maintenance fee of 9 euros per month, you can get with this detector at no cost if you rent your bike insurance Axa before 31 July 2015. However, if, in addition, you have a trial bike, custom, NACK or sightseeing, you can take advantage of maintenance fee during the first three months free and a 10% discount on insurance premiums.

 moto más segura con el Detector Onbike

The best option to pursue maximum protection of motorcycle you can find it thanks to advances in technology represented in units Detector OnBike , what do you think?

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