Offers stunning with the chinese New Year GearBest Spain

on The 28th of January we celebrate the Chinese New Year in China and for that GearBest has decided to celebrate it with your store of Spain, GearBest IS. Instead of bringing the chinese to celebrate here the new year has done is bring a lot of offers to all of us through his store in Spain that will be present from the next 28 January to 3 February 2017.

If you want to take advantage of the offers you have to click on this link, but you should know that there are already offers available though it is not the new year. GearBest will offer in addition to orders for free to Spain during these days and these orders, coming from its headquarters in Spain, will be coming soon between 3 and 5 days, a very good time if we take into account that the prices they have on GearBest for their products, despite the fact that rise of price in Spain, remain very competitive.

Ofertas Gearbest ES ano nuevo chino

What deals will GearBest in your shop in Spain?

The truth is that there are all, as always, but we’re going to focus on the things that we tend to talk about, the classic mobile phones at a bargain price that can compete with most middle range of the western market and the classics TV Box with Android that can turn our TV into a Smart TV for very little money.

The deals that we have called attention are the following:

  • Elephone S7 262 euros – A mobile phone that has been copied to the Galaxy S7 in design but works very well for a price three times lower. We have analyzed it and here you can see.
  • Chuwi LapBook with Windows 10 for 271 euros – A laptop that is actually worth the worth for what it costs, useful for all kinds of tasks without requiring the maximum performance out of a laptop (Photoshop, basic office software programs, consume media, browse, etc).
  • Xiaomi Yi for 96 euros – For only 96 euros the opponent’s perfect for the GoPro in its European edition.
  • Chuwi HiBox for 173 euros – A device that can turn your TV into Android and Windows with a lot of power for a price relatively good.

in Addition to these products we can also take home a ILIFE X5 that serves for suctioning with a suction power bestial and more things, why not have a look at the page?

Offers chinese new year at GearBest

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