Offers Google Play: discounts on games and apps to the 80%

Arrive new offerings to the Google Play, with discounts on games and applications of up to 80% on some titles that you will not be able to stop download on your Android. Like every week, Google has added a number of important deals to their catalogue, among which are numerous games and apps that can not miss in our terminals. do you Want to know what are they?

Offers Google Play: free games for 0,99 cents and apps with discounts

Another week, Google surprises us with new offerings in the Google Play. We can find some games with up to 80% off, which reduced its price to 99 cents. How cheap don’t you think? In addition, we also find up to 13 apps on sale for a limited time.

Google has become accustomed to their weekly offers, and this could not be less, and much less still if we take into account the ofertones of the Black Friday of which we have spoken. However, these rebates are virtual, and only those we can find in the Google Play for a limited time, so don’t stop reading to discover what they are.

Between the apps and games discounted, we find the first two parts of Tom Raider, or the amazing title of Deux EX GO, which really has been a good critical part of most gamers of Android. In addition, you will also find on offer a few apps as interesting as a Fast Burst Camera.

descargar Google Play Store 6.0.5All of these applications, you can download it from now and with this limited time offer, for just 0,99 euros. what You’re dying of wanting to know what they are? There goes:

Download | Deus Ex the GO of the Google Play Store

Download | Hitman: Sniper of the Google Play Store

Download | Hitman GO on the Google Play Store

Download | Lara Croft GO to the Google Play Store

Download | Tomb Raider I from the Google Play Store

Download | Tomb Raider II from the Google Play Store

These have been the games, but we also have some apps:

Download | The Time 14 Days

Download | Fast Burst Camera

in Addition, Google has wanted to add an extra applications and games with a significant discount on their usual price, with some like the following:

Download | Wifi Analyzer Pro from the Google Play Store for 2,99 euro

Download | Castles of Mad King Ludwig in the Google Play store for 3,39 €

As you can see, there are quite a lot of choice in these latest offerings from the Google Play,, that you can find discounts of up to 80% on some titles amazing games and apps for a limited time.

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