Now you can download Micromachines for Android


there is No doubt that the desktop platform are the perfect choice for the more hardcore players but little by little, Android, has been gaining ground that many brands believed that there would never, a place where gamers, casual feel very comfortable.

in Addition to these gamers to casual children also are and the quality of Android games has improved in amazing ways, and continue to do so. The popularity of Android games makes brands such as Micromachines consider launching your own game and not miss a hole in the cake.

How is Micromachines for Android?

The game, far from being a bad adaptation, is supported by Codemasters, EA, and also Hasbro. The truth is that once you watch the trailer you it is clear that nothing is going to be a title to power, but one that stands out for well.

Micromachines are games that, for a long time, have lost a bit of popularity, but what is certain is that these cars are of reduced size were the perfect excuse to throw a racing game in the style of Re-Volt but cars known and hundreds of possible combinations.

Micromachines comes to Android like Re-Volt for mobile

The game has been adapted for mobile devices, while preserving the mechanics of the classic game, and with a Polish of the graphics is important. There are 18 tracks different and is tremendously addictive. In the game we will be able to make runs in front of the machine, or our friends, in addition to fights with plenty of weapons that will be mounted in the car to destroy the opponent.

In the game we have 77 different vehicles and not only the classic Micromachines, but cars of GI. JOE and Nerf. The game, as most do, you can download totally free from Google Play though, if you want to improve the car, you’ll need to checkout and spend real money. If you are looking for a title fun to play cars on your mobile this is perfect, even if you don’t like the Micromachines the game you will love it.

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