Now you can download and install the ROM global the Xiaomi Mi5s

After a few months of waiting ROM global official Xiaomi Mi5s is finally here. Yes, it has arrived and it’s official for all those who were enjoying a ROM to be false or a ROM not global chinese language and English by default.

Now the ROM global official comes with Google Play, built-in and with the languages and regions you need for the mobile to work perfectly. If parts of a ROM or false of the original ROM the procedure to install the new ROM is different.


How to install the ROM is overall stable in the Xiaomi Mi5s?

The process is different depending on the ROM you have. In the first place we’re going to stop the download of the ROM global stable of Xiaomi Mi5s.

  • Here you can download the ROM to install through the Recovery or the app Updater.
  • Here you can download the ROM to install through fastboot.

In case you have a ROM official you can simply download the ROM (first link) and go to the application Updater. Once in it click on Select Update Package and we will be able to select the ROM to install it.

In the second case, if you use a ROM unofficial or have problems to install ROM you need to download the ROM to install through fastboot and use the EDL to flash the ROM through the program My Flash. If all this sounds to chinese don’t worry, here we leave a link with a very detailed tutorial to be able to flash the ROM without any problem.

  • Tutorial to install or flash a ROM on any Xiaomi.

once you have the ROM overall operation of the mobile will be perfect, the mobile will go like silk the ROM global stable and will never have problems, especially if you were using a ROM that is false. If you are already using the ROM global in English now you’ll be able to have the mobile in the language that you speak normally, the ROM global includes, practically, all of the languages.

We are glad that Xiaomi has launched the ROM a global officer for the Xiaomi Mi5s, is a great mobile that I needed this to be the perfect choice since the ROMs fake problems and the ROM china does not have Spanish language.

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