Nokia Q1: The return of Nokia to Android

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There are brands that before were the milk and now neither are named, see the case of Nokia since its acquisition by Microsoft has been losing bellows until out of the mouth of millions of people. The new device from Nokia has been designed by the engineers from InFocus and Sharp that directly pertain to the big Foxconn.

Now, this purchase has not been permanent, and now, in 2016, Nokia can release new phones under its own brand. Like what you hear, Nokia can re-launch the phone and instead of screwing up again with operating systems that have not managed to succeed will do so by moving to our side and glittery phone with the Android operating system.

nokia a1

Nokia Q1: How will the first Nokia mobile with Android?

Yes, it is that some might believe that it is not the first mobile phone from Nokia with Android but the most puritan of Android-what it will be. Thanks to the partnership with HMD will launch mobile and after that seeps a Nokia A1 it seems that your first mobile might be the Nokia P1. Now, these Nokia A1 Nokia P1 or even the Nokia C9 could be different models and no one has confirmed if Nokia will come back with 1 phone or several at the market.

Nokia Q1 will bring Android series on their interior while at the moment we do not know if this product will be of high range or low or whether it will take Android stock or a layer of customization modified. For the moment there are hardly any details about the future phone of Nokia although it has leaked a picture of how it could be this phone. Yes, it is sensed, which will be available in red and blue, but that is not very complicated, it will certainly be a smartphone rather juvenile and, therefore, economic.

Nokia P1, the first Nokia with Android

The Nokia P1 will hit the market at the end of the year before christmas. The smartphone quite remember the Galaxy S6, only that instead of having a physical button at the bottom of the screen there is a Nokia logo that we don’t know if you can use like button capacitive. What he calls enough attention is an opening that has on the right side, it may be a sensor, a microphone, or something different and unique. I hope so or otherwise it is a aperture huge that it makes it more ugly, something that marks concealing it a lot better.

we Know that sell Android phones today is not at all easy as dozens of brands do it with their best bets. In addition to that, Nokia must start with prices not very high but it seems that could even be a mobile phone water-resistant for that drop above the screen. We’re going to leave soon for questions and we will be the first to tell you.

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