Nokia OZO Audio, do you know this technology? Do not miss the video

These days was the Mobile World Congress and it is certain that there have been so many new developments that cost us a lot contártelas all. But one of them, it passes by Nokia OZO Audio. As its name says, it is clear that something has to do with offering a virtual reality system improved, since the focus is not only on what is seen, but also in what you hear, because we would have a few audios and visuals in 3D breathtaking. But to achieve this, it would be necessary to to record and play back audio in 3D, hence that Nokia has presented Nokia OZO Audio.

If you want to know more about the new Nokia, don’t miss the next video because you don’t have waste any:

Nokia OZO Audio

it Is clear that recording the audio can seem easy to the naked eye because it is not a new technology, but it is something that has been there for a long time. What happens, is that the technologies of recording normal capture the sound as a high-level, limited, say that it is not an area of 360 degrees.

Capture audio in 360 degrees could be something impressive, because this is what OZO audio Nokia promises. So any phone or camera is going to capture this type of 3D audio, although it also depends on how you are fitted the device and configured. With two microphones you can get things, but with a 3, Nokia says that OZO audio you can capture audio from 360 degrees. And with 4 microphones to do this entirely in 3D.

it Is clear that Nokia wants to be a benchmark in the market of mobile devices and with OZO audio could mark a before and an after in the virtual reality, which are increasingly in demand, and every time like most those who try it. Without a doubt, we are facing the beginning of something big.

like the camera OZO, the guys at Nokia want to take the OZO audio companies, to be integrated into cameras and smartphones.

What do you think of this OZO audio?

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