Nokia has bought Whitings, a manufacturer of wearables


Nokia is slowly, returning after several years in darkness, and at the end of the month of April, Nokia spoke of that was in the process of buy Whitings, the business of wearables.

Now Nokia has completed the acquisition from what we can see in the blog of Whitings. It seems that to launch to compete directly with the manufacture of mobile phones and smartphones is not the priority for Nokia, which has launched a new unit focused on the development of products for the digital health with the CEO of the Whitings to the head.


why Nokia has bought Whitings?

The purchase of Whitings has a lot of sense if Nokia wants to do well in the world of the wearables since you now will devote much effort to continue with the work of this French company with a unit enhanced and very focused on health. Yes, Whitings does not only wearables but that is one of the first companies that has focused on the health care industry and digital and has made products that are compatible with dozens of applications for iOS and Android.

This new division of Nokia you are going to make monitors of activity, scales, smart, thermometers, monitors to measure blood pressure, accessories for control infants, and some more. The president of the company is very excited about this new chapter of Nokia Technologies.

Whitings is a pioneer in digital health

Nokia has stated that the digital health will play an important role in the future and Whitings leads since 2008, creating high quality products so that this union will surely strengthen both companies. Nokia is synonymous with innovation and future and the Whitings have products really interesting.

Nor can we forget that Nokia is already on its way to compete directly in mobile telephony, recently it has launched a tablet (although have not reached the european market) and also, we can’t forget that Nokia does not rule out to launch a smartphone as soon as it is ready.

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