No, we still do not have data on the distribution of Android Foot

Android Foot and takes a lot of time with us and, at least, should already be in enough mobile. The distribution data that Google gives us every month, we reveal something that has left us a bit surprised: version 9.0 is not on them until the time and we do not know the reason.

In any case, we do have the Oreo, at least, to have reached a maximum. Before you continue you should remember that so you can install Android Foot in any mobile Project Treble.

Android Walk is a stranger to the distribution data of September

The first thing you should do is take a look at the table of the distribution on Android this month. You have it right down here, and the first thing that has called us the attention that Android Oreo holds a 20 percent approximately. It may seem little but if we compare it with other years, is a good step.

Indicates that the brands are slowly updating more but there is still a very long way to go. Without going any further there is no trace of the latest version of the operating system. That is to say, it is so minimal that they themselves have decided not to show it until now.

there Are many things that we like to Walk but of here to reach the general public is quite. On the other hand, the first post takes you Android Nougat for about 30 per cent and he continues to Marshmallow with a 21.6 per cent. The latter is quite worrying.

Without going any further these terminals have un security patch is really old. that Is to say, they are more vulnerable and that is widespread today. What would be the solution? Little you can do, at the time of purchasing a mobile phone looking your support. The Google, Nokia and OnePlus are the best in this aspect.

┬┐What you have seemed to these data of the distribution of Android in September? Do you think that we are very far from the solution or the promise of Project Treble will come soon? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

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