Nintendo updated the Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost for Android

Nintendo updated the Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost for Android

Nintendo has its sights set on the world of smartphones, already preparing for the arrival of the Android and iOS devices a new game Mario Kart and a new release of Dr. Mario. Even it already has great successes as Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run, which do not cease in their efforts to incorporate new developments. Now the japanese company has updated some of their most known games for Android .

The company nippon, which has recently announced the arrival of Cuphead and a lot of games indies for Nintendo Switch, has launched a series of updates that incorporate various new titles such as Fire Emblem, Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost for Android.

Fire Emblem Heroes

The first of them, Fire Emblem Heroes, brings them back to the application the Battle of links Ishtair and Reinhardt, which will be available to users until the 26th of march. In addition, this battle does not reach one on the popular Nintendo game, you will accompanied by a new set of challenges related to the content of links.

The game already has available a new event preference of special heroes, Bunnies imperial and will be available until the 19th of April, starring Palla, Marisa, Bruno and Veronica. In the same way, has already begun the season 19 of Assaults ethereal, which lasts until march 26, and includes elements of the season of Light and Darkness.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, franchise will release a new installment for the Nintendo Switch this year, has confirmed the arrival of the next event hunting giroiditas, you will land in the game for mobile devices on the 22nd of march, although it is unknown to what date will be available.

in Addition, days ago also is announced through the social networks of the Nintendo game that Amparo and Vacarena will be the first of the five new campers to be joined to the title soon.

Dragalia Lost

finally, Dragalia Lost has confirmed on its website the arrival time-undefined new Void Enemies, weapons and rewards Treasure Trade to the Void Battles. Also, to celebrate the half year of life of the title for mobile devices, is also available a new set of bonuses login daily countdown.

With them the users will be able to get a Summon Voucher each day for 7 days until the 27th of march. Until the same date also will be available on the Summon Showcase: Water’s Blessing, which comes accompanied by a new calendar of Void Battles, and two new sets of Endeavours related to the Void Battles daily and limited.

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