Ninebot Plus, the new scooter from Xiaomi

Xiaomi does not stop to amaze us with the development of gadgets of all kinds. Some weeks ago we talked to you about what A fridge with integrated mirror? What is the next invention of Xiaomi?. Well, in an event held this week in Beijing, the chinese company has announced the launch of next two products. One of them is the Ninebot Plus, the successor of Ninebot Mini which hit the market in 2015. Xiaomi adquitió Ninebot Segway in April 2015.

The new Ninebot Plus account with two-wheel non-slip with a size of 11 inches; pesa16 kg and measures 57.7 cm x 28 cm x 62 cm. Is only available in white color.

technical Specifications Ninebot Plus

The Ninebot Plus has a maximum speed of 18 km / h and with two engines of 400W. The scooter has a rated IP54 and supports a maximum load of 100 kilos of weight. The battery can last up to 35 miles with a single charge; the charging time is five and a half hours.

Features Ninebot Plus

One of the great advantages of this new device is that you can control por remote control. Using the remote, you can unlock the scooter, ask you to come to the point in which you are, turn on or switch off lights…. The remote control is rechargeable and has a battery life of 9 hours.

The Ninebot Plus has a anti-gravity very interesting, which makes the scotter is balanced automatically; the maximum weight of load is 20 kg.

And thats not all. In the slot between the seat and the handlebars there is a camera that records videos in 1080p and has a sensor wide angle of 104 °.

Price and availability Ninebot Plus

The new Ninebot Plus has a price of around 500 euro to change and will go on sale the next July 11. You can buy it on the official website of My, as well as in the physical stores My Home.

Without a doubt, Ninebot Plus is a means of transport very interesting, especially in big cities with traffic problems. What do you think of you?

Source | Gizmochina

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