Nexus 6P: the View of the camera

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Now that Google has decided to slash the price of its Nexus 6S, many users are thinking in buying it. Since we got it and we tested it, we’re happy with the camera, but many times yes we expect a little more. It is undeniable that the the quality of the photos is good, but it could be even better. We tell you our experience with the camera of the Nexus 6S:

Nexus 6S have good cameras

These are the technical specifications of the cameras of the Nexus 6S:

rear Camera

  • 12.3 MP.
  • f/2.0 Aperture.
  • Auto focus infrared laser.
  • Double flash.
  • Capture video in 4K at 30fps.
  • Cover glass Gorilla Glass 4.

front Camera

  • 8 MP.
  • Opening f/2.4.
  • Capture HD video at 30fps.

it Is clear that the specifications are good, especially for being a Nexus because the camera was never one of his main pillars. But this year, the price of Nexus 6S since its launch, has done you can’t have gaps, because you pay 649 euros for a mobile phone with a bad camera or normal it would be a sin.

The quality of the camera is good, although yes expected it to be better taking into account other terminals as the iPhone 6s or even the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5, I have caught a lot of taking photos.

These are 3 examples with the rear camera (you will soon bring a selfie).

Photo indoors (low light):

This is my collection of Nexus and Google gadgets, don’t panic:

camara nexus 6p foto interiorPhoto in interior light (optimal):

In the interior, and with light, we can see that the elements are very well defined, both in shape and color. Makes you want to eat it again, why not?

camara nexus 6p interior luzPhoto in exterior:

taking Advantage that there was a rainbow in the sky, I took this picture in its day. You do not have filters, but it defines very well the colors on the outside.

nexus 6p foto exterior What do you have like these photos taken with Nexus 6S? What is certain is that the camera is not bad. What I notice, is that you sometimes struggle to focus, but nothing that we cannot forgive Google.

Note: 8.5/10.

Tell us in the comments what you found.

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