Next update of Clash of Clans: Loot of purchase, new bonuses and cash

Clash of Clans Actualizacion

Can that if you play on Android you do not know Clash of Clans, one of those games that has millions of players and enjoy it like crazy. The next update and the first major update of 2016 is already being filtered through the forums Supercell by the own developers of the game. The new update Clans of Clans will bring innovations to the resources, above all, as a new bonus star for every attack, the treasury was to save resources in the castle of the clan and a booty that you will receive every time you attack that will allow you to store also something more than resources.

After the great amount of problems the latest update of Clash of Clans players want to see how Supercell makes, finally, a remedy for everything that has happened. Since the last game update many users are complaining about the difficulty to get more resources and they look very stagnant.

Actualización Clash of Clans

Upcoming changes in the update of Clash of Clans

The new update of Clash of Clans still has no release date but the team has said that the will launch as soon as possible, will incorporate some new features such as:

  • New bonus star – When players get to earn 5 stars in the attacks multiplayers will win a new daily bonus with a few extra resources that, until now, not existed and will help the players to collect more resources, something which is anticipated after the problems of the last update.
  • Treasury – Now, in the castle of the clan, there will be a new place to store resources that they will Treasure. Everything stored in the treasury will have very little chance of coming out of your village. Both the daily bonus we talked about above as the bonus of war will be stored automatically in the treasury (Treasury) with a guardian who will ensure that only a small percentage of these resources can be plundered.

The next update of Clash of Clans will bring more resources to the players

  • Loot purchase – When your village is attacked, as a percentage of the stolen resources will be stored in a new card sale that we still do not know what name will be in Spanish (Loot Cart). The resources stored in this loot of the purchase may be transferred to the treasury to be kept safe.

Some of the words may not be finally chosen when the game is translated into Spanish but that is what we interpret as seen on the forums of Supercell. do As you wait forward to the new update of 2016 for Clash of Clans?

right now we are playing the Clash Royale, but soon will be available for Android.

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