New Xiaomi Yi Camera with built-in display and driving assistance

Nueva Xiaomi Yi Camera

I can Not say anything bad about the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, the first action camera from Xiaomi that has been able to convince a lot of users that it was the best option to record videos of action at a ridiculous price. Xiaomi has just launched a new Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

I have bought more than 10 for different friends and it is certain that they have all been delighted with it, now well, there are those who always have the lace for this kind of stuff and even costing 8 times less than the alternative of the Go Pro (that does not incorporate screen without paying an extra), there are some who criticized for not having an extra screen. It is true, besides that it also has a range very inferior to the GoPro but this is solved by buying a couple of extra batteries to 5 euros each and we would stay at a price well below the $ 100 to get everything to the full, still 4 times less than the GoPro Hero 3 Silver, one of which may already be better than this, because the GoPro Hero 3 White does not even reach the sole of the shoe.

Adas Xiaomi Yi

New Xiaomi Yi with screen and ADAS

The new Xiaomi Yi Action Camera solves all the problems of the previous and greatest adds some very interesting things:

  • A screen of 2.7 inches in the rear.
  • Increases the recording capacity of up to 2304 x 1296 pixels at 30 fps (2K) but you must also know that you can record in 2K with the Xiaomi Yi.
  • ADAS (Tasks of support to the driving), now the Xiaomi Yi can monitor the speed and the distance to other vehicles and we notify you with sounds when we get closer to the other vehicles by mistake, etc

The new Xiaomi Yi is perfect for drivers

  • Also, the lens is improved to have aperture f/1.8.
  • Has a gravity sensor 6-axis WiFi and 2.4 GHz to be able to sync it with our mobile.

in Addition to that aesthetically seems to be that it has been improved and despite being made of plastic has a really cool design. It will be available in dark grey and gold-and the truth is that they seem to have a very premium and elegant.

Xiaomi Yi para conductores

Price and availability of the new Xiaomi Yi

The new Xiaomi Yi may not be as hardy as the above although we believe that yes, what we need to be clear is that by the time it is in financing phase through Taobao, but you have already managed to collect the amount necessary to make it a reality.

This new Xiaomi Yi will have a price of 42 euros at the exchange (which probably ends up costing around 60 or 70 euros on the final sale price to Spain or to other countries because if they don’t fund the project then the price goes up). In terms of the launch, the first units of the Xiaomi Yi will arrive on the market 30 days after completion phase of the project, exactly the January 24, 2016.

More information | Taobao

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