New update of Clash of Clans: nerfean the spell of bats

Clash of Clans is a game that constantly gets updates. This title the powerful company Supercell is still the preferred of many. In the new update Clash of Clans there is only one major change, nerfearon the spell of bats.

Although in the previous update of Clash of Clans also nerfearon the spell of bats, were still too powerful compared to other spells. For this reason, the company decided to desmejorarlos before the people to continue taking advantage.

Thus was the spell of bats after the new update

From now on, the number of bats generated has been reduced, and its first delay of attack now is more long.

Each level of the spell now generates less bats:

  • Level 1: 7 (down from 10).
  • Level 2: 9 (down from 12).
  • Level 3: 11 (down from 14).
  • Level 4: 16 (down from 18).
  • Level 5: 21 (down from 22).

The delay of the first attack increased to 1.5 seconds (from 1.0 second). The damage remains unchanged, but the spell has been markedly deteriorated.

on the other hand, here we explain how to recover your account Clash of Clans in case you have lost it. And if you wanted to prevent only with your friends, also we teach you how to create a private server of Clash of Clans for Android and iOS.

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