New Samsung Chromebook Pro, very powerful and, with Stylus

Now that it is possible to have the Play Store on some Chromebooks, it was clear that they would be entering new bets, the more powerful and comprehensive for users who want to use a Chromebook as a personal computer. Now that not only cans to install Chrome extensions, but also apps from Google, it offers many more options. Samsung Chromebook Pro you want to be one of the new Chromebook concerning that today we have known and which we present below:

As to us have told the guys from Sam Mobile, in the beginning, this new Chromebook would not waste any. Is the Samsung Chromebook Pro, which we introduce below:


Samsung Chromebook Pro, features

The guys at Samsung want to give another chance to the Chromebook. Did not do anything wrong in his field in his day, although he offered few features. However now, they want to launch one of the best laptops with Chrome OS.

The allusion of “Pro” in the name already makes sense that it will be terrific. Although the good thing tends to be expensive. These are the specifications of the new Samsung Chromebook Pro: screen is 12.3 inches and resolution 2K (excellent) because it can rotate 360 degrees, which has no waste. In power does not have any waste because we speak of a Rockchip HexaCore with 4 GB of RAM. The rumors also speak of 32 GB of storage (still a lot…) and up to 10-hour battery life. Moreover, USB Type-C and slot for the S-Pen. You do not have a bad pint since then.

Talk of the first Notebook with stylus. With this display of 2K resolution, and 360 degrees, you will not have limits since then. You’ll have a top of range very interesting in the field of computers. We don’t know until what point you will be able to give a professional use, but at least has improved quite a bit. Of course, you will have the update of Chrome OS that allows you to install Android apps.

The design would be completely out of aluminum. As for the other, we speak of a weight of 1.08 Kg and 13.9 mm thick. It promises a lot!

What is the price?

This Chromebook Pro Samsung is the best up to date. You’ll be able to book it in the U.S. $ 499. It may end up costing 500 euros by these lares. What we don’t know is when will Spain, probably take a few months.

What do you think of this Samsung Chromebook Pro?

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