New renderings and a video of the Google Nexus May 2015 manufactured by LG

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the rumor that next year be two Nexus -one devices manufactured by Huawei, which will be a phablet, and this manufactured by LG that comes to succeed Prime Google Nexus 5, which already We offered an analysis on copper video- harder.

In any case, the leaks about the upcoming Google Nexus 5 we saw today represent something important because it is the first set of renders good finishes as well as a video showing how to be the next device that comes to fill the gap at the terminals of reasonable size leaving the current Google Nexus 6 Motorola, which also offered you an in- video.

The renders you will see in this article have been made by uSwitch , which has partnered with the filteringOnLeaks, which according to them “have been based on Factory schematic details sent to manufacturers of accessories “. As these schemes are used to ensure that external accessories such as cases fit the terminal in relation to the disposal of cameras, buttons and others, their informational value is incalculable for filtering and reveal much of smartphone concerned. That, of course, assuming that such schemes are legitimate, which we can not confirm. You can check these renders below.


already some specifications are known

The leaked information available reveal and confirm several key specifications next Google Nexus 5 manufactured by LG. Among them we can find a screen of 5.2 inches, a fingerprint sensor located in the rear and front speakers. We can also see this next Nexus incorporate USB Type C and its dimensions are of 146.9 x 72.9 x 8 mm. As we read in uSwitch the information available reveal nothing about manufacturing materials , although it is rumored to be a terminal plastic with a metal frame.

Google has always hoped to second half of October to announce its new Nexus each year, and if they are planning to stick to the timetable that leaves just two months before it becomes official. In any case, by that date the announcement of the next Google Nexus 5 could occur at any time , due to the lack of pomp with which Google announced their new handsets.

Here you can also see a video with a 360 degrees on the possible appearance of this new Nexus device. Now we just wait for the terminal becomes official.

And you do you think? Head over to new renderings and a video of the Google Nexus May 2015 manufactured by LG to make your mark are filtered.

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