New Digital TV Tuner now available Xbox One

Are you familiar with new digital TV tuner Xbox One , from our Technology blog will confirm that is already available and tell you any details. Besides a new generation console, users Xbox One can also enjoy all the opportunities that offers great multimedia entertainment center, .

Nuevo Sintonizador de TV Digital de Xbox One ya disponible

New features digital TV tuner Xbox One

Furthermore Microsoft continues to add new features and functionality to the console, as the new Digital TV tuner Xbox One so that we can enjoy our favorite shows and channels, in addition to those with our voice through oneguide.

With support for standards DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C , connects the small device to our consoles to offer a world of possibilities:

– HD TV on the console : Enjoy DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C channels without changing the input on the TV. Also, you can receive invitations and notifications game when watching your favorite programs, or see what’s on TV while waiting to start a multiplayer game

– TV mode coupling .: Use mode coupling to fix the TV on one side of the screen and still look while using the main screen to play, talk on Skype or use other applications

-. Pause Live TV : With Tuner Digital TV Xbox One halftime show you watch anytime and still enjoying it so

– television programming through oneguide [1999004 . ]: If you want to check the schedule of a channel, just have to say, and you will get access to it directly

– Your favorite channels in oneguide Make your own list of favorite channels thanks. To oneguide and decide at any time what you want to see

-. Access to voice channels With oneguide , say the name of your favorite channel and access it directly

-. oneguide and Xbox Smart Glass Enjoy all oneguide offer or change channels with Xbox Smart Glass application. And you can also send TV signals from the console to all mobile through Smart Glass.

– TV on demand Consultation oneguide what programs or series is available on-demand video applications

Availability and price [. 1999004]

New Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One longer available for € 29.99.

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What do you think the new Tuner Digital TV Xbox One that are now available market?

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