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Android Wear is the part of the Android Operating System that is responsible for giving life to all these gadgets that we carry over to part of our smartphone, as bracelets, glasses, and in this case watches. If you own one of these and you want to create an own application and by thee alone, Google and Udacity, a leading educator for online courses, give you the opportunity with this course.

Learn to program apps for smartwatches

smart watches allow you to the access to your smartphone from your wrist with a simple gesture. The smartwatches are not only give you time, inform you of the latest notifications, calls or messages, reminders, alerts, weather, how many steps you take facts, or result in direct Barça – Madrid. They are similar to the smartbands or “bracelets smart”, and although they’re a little “green”, there are wide variety of models and brands.

Google wants to pull forward in this sector and on the 21st of October, Google and Udacity teamed up to create 3 more courses of development of Android apps, one for apps, Android Auto (for cars), the other for Android TV and Google Chromecast and the last to development of Android Wear. In this case, it is free course, although not all of Udacity. Throughout the course is done from your home, along with your PC; Udacity and Google give you class by using videos with a distinguished faculty.

Requirements to learn how to program for Android Wear

In this course you’re going to need some computer tools as:
* The latest version of Android Studio, the IDE (Integrated Development Environments) for programming apps for any kind of Android operating system.
* recommended have some familiarity with GitHub or Git (a repository of open source or private)
* Register in Udacity with a Google account or Facebook
* And finally recommended having completed his course of development of applications for Android, although the latter is a payment after 14 days trial.

So if you already know! If you want to learn how to develop software for Android Wear, embark on this course through videos and exercises designed by Google and Udacity. You can take this course, any other or all at once, there is no restriction. Who knows, maybe you like it so much that here a few days, you have your own application on your watch!

so Comment below if you want to did you like the course or if you’re going for it!

Google and Udacity | Course for Android Wear

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