Netflix has removed the free one-month trial in Spain

Netflix has removed the free one-month trial in Spain

it Seems that Netflix is not stopped in Spain. First was the increase in fees and now, as if outside little, also have removed the free one-month trial for all new users Spanish. This policy has already claimed its first victim, and this was Canada. Now he has touched the turn of Spain.

Thus, any user that wishes to begin using the platform of Netflix no longer will have the month free. You will have to start paying from the first day.

why Netflix has removed the free one-month trial?, what the news is official?

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To begin with, yes, the news is completely official. The confirmation of this terrible notice is published in the page of Netflix in Spain. This website was updated very recently to make it known to all users what would be the new changes that would be implemented in the country. Logically, there’s nothing good there.

once the information was published in the official portal in a few days they removed the free one-month trial. What has not been implemented yet is the increase of the prices. Equally, it is only a matter of time for them to do.

In terms of the free month it is not known if this decision will be temporary or permanent. Of course, if the influx of customers on the platform is not diminished by anything in the world, will incorporate the test month.

Now all new user that you log into Netflix you will be taken directly to the plans section. There you will need to choose the plan that suits you and you will have to pay from the first day.

If you were not aware of the news of the price increase of Netflix, don’t worry. Here we give you all the details on the new fees to be paid by the users of Netflix in Spain.

are there Still other countries that enjoy a free one-month trial of Netflix?

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of course, is that this decision has not been carried out in the united States. Until now, the countries that do not have the blessed month are the following: Spain, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica.

Now, two things can happen. Or Netflix leave the spaniards without the month free trial forever, or return to reinstate this service in the near future. From the same company have reported that the removal of the free month it is a experiment that could be temporary.

there is Only trust and hope that such an experiment be removed shortly for that terrible decision to completely disappear.

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