Net sales of the new HTC One M9 is disappointing, because of what?

HTC One M9

At the time we met near the middle of the year, we can say that we have virtually across the table key and new flagship of the most important companies today. Among these include the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, the newly introduced LG G4 and the HTC One M9, which brings developments relating to its sales.

For although a few days ago we affirm the positive benefits that the company is seeing HTC in its favor, it seems that the HTC One M9 does not sell enough both even, as we read in the source The figures are disappointing and are causing havoc unexpected signature.

Yes, the HTC itself confirms the worst earnings report in April in the last six years what represents a fall of 43.75% units sold the successor of this, as is the HTC One M8 he came close to 8 million units a year ago exactly.


And what is the cause of all this? Since both could be the price, which although not higher than the competition, does not offer just news to bet on because innovation over its predecessor is minimal.

This along with known issues in the SoC Snapdragon 810 with temperature , which was completely lift the terminal as construction material, the only alternative we had was to reduce the signature clock frequency , which eradicated in less processing power.

Of course, nobody can deny that not a excellent smartphone and more than one frowns, but over the competition in many respects far behind, and the prices in that range are like this, so that the public seems to turn to other firms instead of this, which makes sense as from the side that the situation is viewed.

And you do you think? You stop by net sales of the new HTC One M9 it is disappointing, because of what? to leave your mark.

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