Neon Genesis Evangelion smartphone, aimed at fans of the anime

Neon Genesis Evangelion smartphone 20 aniversario

If you’ve followed the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, it is possible that you are interested in this smartphone that comes for your 20 year anniversary. We are facing a terminal that stands out for its explosion of colors, and you’ll sell a lot in Japan, but be careful, because if you want it you’ll have to give you a rush, only manufactured 30,000 units.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion”, the smartphone of the anime

there are Always mobile, that we call particular attention, as it is this Neon Genesis Evangelion. We are before a mobile with a lot of character, and intended for the closest to the anime series. Stands out for its colors, in violet, green, and with the buttons in orange, for most fans of the anime can enjoy it -the robot Shinji nor could miss in the rear-.

How much are the specifications of this Eva20, we have an interesting processor Snapdragon at 1.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage (which can be extended via microSD). The best thing for many is that it equips Android, so that we will be able to squeeze it to the max with our favorite operating.

The key is that with this terminal, you will enjoy fully of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with its amazing wallpapers and sounds that will make us feel more alive than ever. Without a doubt, aspires to gain a lot of popularity, and the truth is that it is getting safe and that the 30,000 units that come out will sell very quickly.

A price you deserve

Although it can seem expensive to shell out ¥ 84,240 -which is about $ 705 to the change, that is to say, a few 639 euro, what is certain is that the anime series is worth it, because it’s cool and their fans are happy with that go to market this terminal for its 20th anniversary.

A price expensive for what it integrates, but that deserves this Neon Genesis Evangelion.

don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about the smartphone of Neon Genesis Evangelion on your 20th anniversary, for us it has been a great surprise that we did not expect, so thank you on the market. To see how long it takes to be depleted. do You like the mobile? Or do you think that is too flashy?

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