MyWigo accused of scam, do you know the reasons?


Months after the scandal Zetta, the Spanish company MyWigo has been accused of scam. We have before us a company of valencia, has had to give an official statement stressing that it is not a Spanish brand that deceive your users, as happened with Zetta in his time.

This is not a joke because MyWigo was accused of scam. But why who? By Movilonia, a company in charge of distributing the manufacturer’s products since January of 2016. This causes you to have first-hand information to accuse MyWigo have scammed users, a statement that the company does not took too much time to disprove.

MyWigo estafa zetta

MyWigo accused of scam, do you know the reasons?

But on what grounds it is held Movilonia to make these harsh statements? These guys, without going any further refer to the model MyWigo ONE Pro. If we cast an eye to the blade of the characteristics, we see that they offer specifications that are in reality different to the actual.

we Can see that has a 8 MP camera according to the sheet, but that in reality it has 5 MP. To calibrate and the result is better, we have opted for a modification of the software, but that it is somehow a deception to lower the costs and get a greater range of benefits.

This does not end here, because it’s similar to the case of the internal storage. My Wigo reports that the smartphone previous account with 32 GB of storage, but the inside only brings 16 GB. End up being 32 GB if it adds to the microSD that comes free in the terminal. If you are a user who controls a little, you’ll know that it is not the same as the internal add internal + microSD.

is Not telling the whole truth about the camera and about the storage, but the rest would be in order

In the statements, the guys of MyWigo argue that in its web and everywhere report to user all of this information. In the first place the camera is modified with the software to make it better. And that details that coming the microSD free, detailed that comes with 16 GB internal + 16 GB free on the part of the card.

MyWigo has already begun to take legal action against harsh accusations of Movilonia. And we will see what is the thing, because it has been pretty serious what has happened. Just in case, always look on the small print.

What do you think of the news?

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