My PC does not recognize my Android mobile to connect: 5 ways to fix it

¿has happened to your computer does not recognize your Android phone when you connect it? Surely yes, and that’s why you’re here. Don’t worry, believe it or not, is a very common problem and can happen on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). Luckily, there are many ways to solve it easily and quickly.

here 5 ways to solve the problem of the Android device can’t be recognized by a PC, taking into account the multiple factors that may be causing the error.

Test with another USB cable

Cambiar cable USB

Change the USB cable with which you connect your mobile to your computer can be the solution to your problem. Remember that there are USB cables that are designed just to load the mobile and not for the transmission of data. Therefore, it is interesting to try with another USB cable that is in good condition to see if it fixes the problem.

you can Also the micro-USB port of your mobile phone is damaged and is the source of the problem. In that sense, you need to take it to the technician for repair, or replace it with a new one.

Select the option USB connection right

Configurar correctamente conexion USB en Android

When we connect our Android device with the USB cable to a computer, in the notification bar we can select what we want to use the USB. If you do not select anything, by default the USB is used for charging the mobile and, therefore, your computer will not recognize it.

The right way to configure the connection by USB cable between your Android and the computer is the following:

  • Unlock your mobile phone.
  • Slide the notification bar down.
  • Tap on the notification that indicates that your mobile phone is charging via USB.
  • Select the option Transfer files.

Active the debug mode by USB

Activar el modo depuración por USB en Android

debugging mode USB is usually activated when you need to control the Android device from a computer, but some users have reported that you can also force the recognition of the mobile part of the computer.

To enable debug mode via USB, you must first have enabled the options of scheduledr on your Android. If you do not have activated, follow the following steps to do so:

  • Go in Settings and tap on About phone.
  • Press 5 times the option called Build Number until you see a notification announcing that you are already a programmer.

With the options of the scheduler activated, it’s time that you enable the USB debugging mode in the following way:

  • Go in Settings and tap on Scheduler.
  • Tap Debug via USB to enable it.

Update the drivers of your Android into the computer

Actualiza driver USB en Windows

The problem can also be in the drivers of your Android device in the computer, so that you can try to update it to solve the problem. In Windows, you can do so by following these steps:

  • With the phone connected to the computer, enter the control Panel.
  • Go in Hardware and sound and then select device Manager.
  • right click on the name of your device and tap on Update driver.
  • Choose Search for driver software in the computer, and then tap Choose from a list of drivers available on the computer.
  • Select MTP Device USB and tap on Ok.

that way you will begin to reinstalled the driver of your Android and, if that was the problem, the computer will recognize your mobile.

Reinstall the drivers of your Android on the computer

Reinstala driver USB en Windows

If the above solution don’t work, then try the following:

  • re-Enter the device Manager of your Windows computer.
  • right click on the name of your device and tap on to Uninstall the device.
  • Disconnects the mobile from the computer for a few seconds.
  • then reconnect it and wait for the drivers will reinstall automatically.

we Hope that with any of the 5 possible solutions that we have provided have been able to solve the problem. If you have a problem with some Android application, please see the following link how to troubleshoot the most common problems with the apps on Android.

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